Ignition: How the Church Caught Fire

On the Day of Pentecost, a group of 120 believers caught the fire of the Holy Spirit and were empowered to speak the language of heaven and the language of the cultures around them.  We have access to that same IGNITION.


Administration: Organizing for Growth & Impact

The installation of the office of deacons allowed the church to become the kind of effective, efficient institution that could sustain the spread of the viral movement.  God has called us to this holy ADMINISTRATION.


Resolution: Prospering Through Pain

Sometimes it seems like the pains and difficulties we face as individuals and organizations are designed to take us out. But, God wants to use those hard places to move us closer to our destiny.


Globalization: How The Forgotten Ones Expand The Movement

Can an homogeneous group of people ever reach a diverse city, nation, and world?  Yes it can.  But, it will be because God works through the members of that group that exist on the edges, elevates the hidden, and uses the people that the group would not immediate think would be useful for the work of Christ.  Pastor Chris explains this dynamic from how the early church grows.