Go! Sunday - Black History Caroling
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Go! Sunday - Black History Caroling

Black History Caroling is a tribute to Black American culture, specifically, Black American music.  The Black experience in this nation has been one of trial and triumph.  And through it all, we sustained ourselves with the power of undying faith and incredible songs.  Black History Caroling aims to infuse today's Black community with the power of hope and faith that is carried in the spirit and words of traditional Black music.

It is not unlike the more familiar activity of "Christmas Caroling".  We all go out together in a group to sing simple and familiar songs to people in public that we probably don't know.  But, instead of spreading Christmas cheer, we'll be spreading a faith and hope that is deeply rooted in our culture...the faith in Christ that has kept us so well and will continue to keep us on into the future.

It will be impactful.  It will be inspirational.  It will be a lot of FUN!

Don't miss this moment!

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