Join us for Holy Week! 

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PALM SUNDAY GATHERING (Sunday 4/14 @11:00aM)

We’re kicking off the week with a special Sunday Gathering for Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the observance of “The Triumphal Entry” when Jesus made His way into Jerusalem for the last time during His earthly ministry. The Bible tells us that a large crowd gathered around Jesus and threw their clothes in the road along with Palm branches. They praised our Lord and cried out “Save Now”. Pastor Chris has powerful sermon called “A Humble Takeover”. Don’t miss it!



The word “Maundy” is from Middle English and basically means “Mandate” or “Command”. On Maundy Thursday we celebrate the “new commandment” that Jesus instituted at the final Passover meal He observed with His disciples: “A new command I give to you that you love one another.” (John 13:34). Home Fellowships is the best way to remember this sacred night and revitalize this sacred mandate to love. Sign-up today to attend a Home Fellowship in your area (space is limited).



On Good Friday, we observe the night that our Lord and Christ was crucified on Calvary’s cross. In the Gospel’s Jesus speaks from the cross seven times. Uttered from the place of our Lord’s passion, each of these statements takes on special significance. The “Seven Last Words” Gathering will feature 7 preachers who will deliver 5-minute messages reflecting on each sacred statement. We are particularly excited to present 7 in-house CEC preachers! You will not want to miss this. The evening will also feature special music from the Apostles of Praise and recording artists A4L.


CHURCH @ McDonald’s (Saturday 4/20 @10:00am)

Being Missional means that we take this sacred fellowship called the church and embed it in various areas of the society. That is what led us to the McDonald’s restaurant at 6550 S. Stony Island. God has been at work at this McDonalds and many have been saved there in recent week. Instead of asking those new believers to cross a cultural barrier and start attending our Sunday Gathering; we will hold our first ever Believers Gathering in the McDonald’s on Holy Saturday.


Resurrection Sunday (Sunday 2/21 @11:00AM)

Join us for very special celebration of the highpoint of history…THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. This Gathering will feature special music from the Apostles of Praise and very special sermon from Prophet Christopher Butler entitled “COME ALIVE!”