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The Apostle Paul was one of the great leaders in the early church and one of the primary writers of the New Testament.  And he said that the church is a group of “ambassadors for Christ”...as if  God were pleading through us to the whole world to be reconciled to God in Christ. That means our job as a church is to mobilize believers to go out and literally invite the world to “walk together with us” (that’s what it means to “plead”), so that they can experience the reality of Christ love.

God is not mad or trying to punish us for sin.  In fact, God set the church in the world to do all that we can to heal the brokenness human sin has caused (poverty, sickness, hatred, violence, and the like) and to connect people to Jesus Christ who will one day put a final end to sin and all its impacts (that’s what it means to “reconcile”).

So, at Chicago Embassy Church we really only do 3 things.

We Gather

Every movement needs a regular gathering. When we come together with like-hearted people we receive the benefit of mutual fellowship.  Our gatherings are specially designed to equip people who care about Chicago with the inspiration, motivation, community, and theological frameworks they need to live life as an ambassador; coming alongside individuals and institutions to heal broken things and connect people to Jesus (1 Corinthians 14:26).

We Grow

We are constantly designing groups, workshops, trainings, and multimedia content to help Believers grow in the faith, wisdom, and biblical knowledge we need to be effective ambassadors.  Because we fundamentally believe in the biblical teaching that we are all one body and that we greatly benefit from what other members of the body bring to the table, we do our growing together in groups both large and small (Ephesians 4:15).

We Go

Jesus said that in the same way that God sent Him into the world, he sends His church into the world (John 17:18).  So, we don’t just invite people to “go to church”, we organize the church to go to people.  We emphasize in our preaching and teaching and in the way we organize our activities and life together as a congregation the principal that we must meet people where they are and become that bridge to where they need to be with God.

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Get in the Know

Every quarter we print a Playbook that includes all of the important dates and upcoming events for Chicago Embassy Church.